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Rice Powell was a Colonel in the Parliamentary army during the First English Civil War. In the Second English Civil War he allied himself with the Royalist cause. English Civil Wars. He fought in South Wales and played a significant part in events between 1642 and 1649 including a senior role during the Battle of St. Fagans.

His background is uncertain but he is probably the son of a Lewis Powell and is from South Pembrokeshire, first coming to notice for his service in Ireland prior to the start of what was to become the First English Civil War, playing a part in quelling an insurrection in Ireland which was presumably his first taste of military life.

In 1642 and the start of the war he returned to Pembrokeshire, apparently still owed arrears of pay for his Irish service and joined with John Poyer and Rowland Laugharne in the defence of Pembroke Castle and offensive actions throughout Pembrokeshire. He was appointed governor of Cardigan Castle by Laugharne in 1644 as soon as it was captured and successfully defended it against a Royalist attack led by Sir Charles Gerard, 1st Earl of Macclesfield.

In 1646 he was governor of Tenby Castle and by 1648 he was deputising for Laugharne when he was called to London and held command of all the forces in West Wales at the time of the order for supernumeraries to lay down their arms. Rice Powell followed John Poyer’s lead and resisted this order, making a joint declaration in favour of the Royalist cause.

Apparently the rebels has been assured of Royalist support for their stance and at Carmarthen Powell’s forces met those of Colonel Fleming and Colonel Horton, who attempted to bring Powell’s force to battle near Llangathen resulting in a skirmish during which Fleming in retreat was shot and Horton was forced to withdraw as far as Brecon to resupply.

Powell now led his forces to seize Swansea, then Neath before advancing into the Vale of Glamorgan with Royalists rising in support en route, with Cardiff as their aim.

Horton headed south from Brecon rapidly and caught Powell’s force camped at St Fagans within view of Cardiff and drew them to battle at what became known as the Battle of St. Fagans in May 1648. Laugharne returned in time to retake command but was routed by Hortons force in a decisive victory.

Powell fled back to Pembrokeshire and Tenby castle where he was pursued and after a brief siege was persuaded to an unconditional surrender after which he was Court Martialed and sentenced to death.

In 1649 he was offered a Pardon and following the Restoration he was released. He last comes to notice in 1665 appealing to Charles II of England for payment of debts Powell accrued in the Royalist cause. There is no record of his debts being paid.

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Powell wird neuer Vorstandschef bei FMC
Rice Powell wird Vorstandsvorsitzender bei Fresenius Medical Care (FMC). Der 56-Jährige war zuvor Vize seines Vorgängers Ben Lipps. Auch bei Fresenius Kabi gibt es eine interne Lösung.
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Rice Powell wird zum 1. Januar 2013 Chef von Fresenius Medical Care (FMC)
Beim Dialysespezialisten Fresenius Medical Care kommt es Anfang 2013 zum bereits länger geplanten Chefwechsel. […]
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Rice Powell: Der Chef der Fresenius-Tochter
Seit 2013 ist Rice Powell mittlerweile Vorstandsvorsitzender der Fresenius-Tochter Fresenius Medical Care, viel ist über den gebürtigen US-Amerikaner jedoch nicht bekannt.
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In Conversation with Paul Simms: Rice Powell, CEO, Fresenius Medical Care
Rice Powell, Chairman of the Board and CEO for Fresenius Medical Care, speaks to Paul Simms, eyeforpharma Chairman. Fresenius Medical Care is a company well-known for being the first to successfully pioneer a vertically-intergrated, service-oriented model within healthcare.
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Fresenius Medical Names North America Head Powell as CEO
Fresenius Medical Care AG said Chief Executive Officer Ben Lipps will retire at the end of the year, and Rice Powell, who runs the German dialysis provider’s North American unit, will replace him.
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Rice Powell to become Fresenius Medical Care CEO
German dialysis provider Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA FMS, -2.33% said Friday Rice Powell will succeed Ben Lipps as chief executive and chairman of the management board on Jan. 1, 2013.
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Rice Powell wird Anfang 2013 neuer Vorstandsvorsitzender
Der Dialysespezialist Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FMC) (ISIN DE0005785802/ WKN 578580) gab am Freitag eine personelle Veränderung im Vorstand bekannt.
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